Shop at More MegaStores or More Supermarkets – Pay using Amazon app unlock 200 Amazon Shopping offer

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a) What is the offer?

Answer: Customers who use Amazon App for payment at More Megastores or More Supermarkets for min purchase of Rs 250 will get an Amazon Shopping Coupon of “ Rs 150 on min Shopping on Amazon of Rs 600” and “ Rs 50 on min shopping on Amazon of Rs 350”

b) What are the other offers which I will get?

Answer: You will receive offers in the form of coupons which you can redeem on Amazon. You will receive the following offers: “ Rs 150 cashback on min shopping of Rs 600 on Amazon” and Rs 50 on min shopping of Rs 350 on Amazon”.

c) When will I receive the coupons?

Answer: You will receive the coupons within 3 working days via SMS /Email.

d) How do I redeem the coupons?

Answer: You need to click on the link received in the SMS/Email and collect the offer before transacting on Amazon. If the offer is not collected, you will not be able to receive the offer benefits. All coupons can be collected and redeemed by 10th Oct 2019 only.

e) How many times can I avail the offer?

Answer: You can avail the offer only once during shopping at MORE from 1st Sept 2019 to 30th Sept 2019. But the Amazon Shopping Offer can be redeemed till 10th October 2019 after collecting the offer.

g) How can I pay using the Amazon App?

Answer: You can follow the steps given to make the payment using the Amazon app at store:
Step 1: Provide the phone number associated with your account to the cashier
Step 2: You will receive a payment link over an SMS
Step 3: Click on the link and complete the payment using any of the payment methods
Step 4: After completing the transaction, you will be shown a confirmation page. Simply, show this screen to the cashier.

h) Where can I find the phone number associated with my Amazon account?

Answer: You can follow the steps given to find the phone number associated with your Amazon account.
Step 1: Open the Amazon App
Step 2: Go to Your Account
Step 3: Go to Login & security under Account Settings. Mobile number associated with your account will be shown here.

  1. Rs 150 on min shopping of Rs 600 on Amazon Website/App
  2. Rs 50 on min shopping of Rs 350 on Amazon Website/App Once collected these coupons can be redeemed for Amazon Shopping only till 10th Oct 2019.
  3. Customers need to click the link and collect the coupon before availing the benefit of the coupon. Without collecting the coupon the benefit won’t be applied to any of the above transactions.
  4. It is clarified that to avail this Offer, a customer needs to make a purchase transaction for a minimum value of INR 250 at MORE Supermarket OR MORE Megastores. He/She cannot avail the offer in both MORE Supermarket and MORE Megastores.
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