ARZ Adjustable Speed Jump Rope for Weight Loss, Cardio, Fitness, Workout, Exercises, Games, Tricks (Black)

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  • Adjustable skipping rope – the 9 feet arz skipping rope has a unique double loop adjusting device on both the handles to assist you in making the skipping rope adjusted to your height and requirements
  • Wear and tear protection – the spring protects the cable of the jump rope from constant wear and tear when the rope hits the ground/mat during skipping
  • Durable and lightweight – the 6 inches hollow wooden handles not only make the jump rope lightweight but also improve its sturdiness against the plastic versions. The speed jump rope cable which is 3 mm in thickness is coated with PVC making it durable for any surface use
  • The curvy shape of the handle is made to improve the grip so that the user can effortlessly enhance their routine. The natural wood make the jump rope durable as against plastic handles
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